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Below are our manufactured and distributed products carried in our Coquitlam warehouse. Any questions regarding pricing or technical information, please call us at 1-888-889-2867 or email

Available in lengths from 7 ft to 24 ft, gauges from 11.5 to 14.25, in bundles of 125 or 250 pieces. If you are not sure of your required size click here or give us a call. We can determine gauge and length based on the size of your baler, and what you are baling. We stock common sizes, and have short turnaround on custom lengths.

Single Loop Bale Ties

Used mainly in the suspended ceiling industry, straight and cut wire from 2ft to 40ft, 12 gauge galvanized steel to ASME A641.

Hanger Wire

Hanger wire with a pigtail on the end to save on attachment hardware. (Can only be dropped from above.)

Pigtail Wire

Strapping wire in  11, 12, & 13 gauge. Shipped on stands from 1400 to 2000 lbs. For specifications click here.

High Tensile Wire

Black annealed and galvanized Strapping wire in 10 and 11 gauge. Available in 50# or 100# boxes.

Box Wire

Flat steel strapping, regular duty and high tensile available in skids or individual coils, with seals. Sizes available here.

Steel Strapping

High tensile double loop bale tie used with high expansion material bales (plastic, cotton). Gauges 8.5 to 14, lengths 5 to 21 ft. For specifications here.

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Tylok Strapping

Proprietary 11.5 gauge strapping and crimping system designed to help save on steel and money.

Local Western Canadian distributor for L&P Wire Tie parts. With a trained service technician on staff, we can help you troubleshoot. 

Wire Tier Parts
We Recycle!!

If you need wire for an art, craft, or other up-cycle project, come by and raid the recycle bin FREE of cost. We have seen everything from angels, wreaths, and modern art made from our Recycled wire.

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